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Love is Eternal Ring STERLING SILVER

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A few years ago, I designed a beautiful ring, the "I Will Love You Forever" ring and no longer choose to sell it now. I have since altered the look of the ring to include another paw print. We are after all, THREE Scoops of Vanilla, what was I thinking ever designing a piece with only two paw prints on it? All of the Scoopies have stamped this ring on the bands, with their "paws" of approval. 

There are several reasons that people turn their animals into shelters; regardless of the reason, it is a deadly and heartbreaking cycle. My promise to The Scoopies, is that no matter what, they are with me and my husband for life, our hearts' promise to each girl, Love is Eternal. We know that many of our friends feel the same way about their precious pups and kitties. If you too have made this same promise with your heart, wear this beautiful ring with pride. A perfect piece to wear in honor of your current pets and your angels waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Love is Eternal ring is sterling silver and adjustable allowing the bands to be gently pulled outward to fit a thumb or larger finger OR snug it down on your smaller fingers. 

The ring is in fact sterling silver, any other color is a reflection from the glass in the bowl in which this ring was photographed. 

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