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The FurMan Connection

Erin and her dog

The FurMan Connection, connecting pets with their people.

I have always loved animals for as long as I can remember and always had the ability to feel what many of them were feeling or thinking. In 2009 I chose to create my own company, Three Scoops of Vanilla with the goal in mind of helping to benefit animals in need. I love what I have been able to do over all of these years and my heart is grateful for the new found friends that I have met along this amazing journey. Though I have been almost completely fulfilled by this work, I still felt a calling to do more for the animals. I started working with friends and family and their pets to see if I could help with any “connections” needing to be made between them. Not only was I able to make a difference, the ability to do so came so naturally, as if I had been doing this work all along…second nature. I joined a program that is a two year commitment and it is centered around this work and providing healing energy work as well, including scalar wave therapy and tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). The program requires 65 case studies to be performed in each of the following fields: Animal Communication, Scalar Wave Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. Yes, the work keeps me busy but I absolutely love doing it and love helping the animals and their people along the way. A true FUR-MAN connection.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your beloved pets, it is the greatest privilege.

With a grateful heart, Erin Furman

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