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Love is Forever

Love is Forever

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I worked with an artist to create this beautiful piece. The infinity sign with paw prints and a heart has been a popular symbol for awhile now but I wanted to add my own little touches with how this piece turned out. I am over the moon with how my finished pendant turned out and it is so nice to hear so many nice compliments from you all about it, thank you.

Yes, this piece can be worn as a memorial piece, I created it however, as a "promise" piece. I work with several rescues throughout the year, doing my little part to help them as they continue to help save animals in need. You cannot ignore the number of animals that are turned into shelters by their families, no matter the circumstances, it is heartbreaking. MY promise to The are here to stay, you are our kids, you are our family....Love is FOREVER! I know that many of you think the very same way about your precious fur babies, so this piece is for you.

Please note, the pendant is a copper disc layered over the top of a stainless steel dog tag. Any blue that you may see in this photograph is the reflection of the sky. The only colors in this pendant are copper and silver. 

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