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SCOOP of the Month Monthly Subscription Club

SCOOP of the Month Monthly Subscription Club

Regular price $45.00

NEW RULE, to help ME keep track of everyone's current & future purchases!

When purchasing a box on the 1st through the 3rd of each month, you are purchasing FOR THAT MONTH! If you are in a current subscription and you are already getting a box for that month, please DO NOT pre-purchase at this time for the next month. It screws up my inventory for the featured month's boxes. I only have limited inventory for each month. 

I will open purchasing for FUTURE boxes on the 4th of every month! So if you want to pre-purchase the following month's box or renew your subscription early, you may do so anytime between the 4th and the 8th of each month. 

Following the simple two rules above will help me greatly, so thank you for abiding by them. 

Welcome to the SCOOP of the Month, Monthly Subscription Club, where $45.00 steals you a mystery package and includes shipping within the USA! 

You can opt for the 1 month, 3 month or 6 month option by selecting your choice in the drop down menu for price.

What will be in this mysterious package from us? Something scrumptious for the pups will be included each and every month. That is your ONLY hint. The rest of the absolute goodness sent in the package, are unknown to you but isn’t that part of the fun?

We also featured some goodies and coupons from some of our favorite artist friends in each box! This gets them the exposure that they so very much deserve. Each artist has also generously donated TWO of their creations.

One donated item will be given away to one of our lucky customers! If you scooped some fun swag from us by purchasing that month's SCOOPED Box, you are automatically entered to win! Winners chosen at random and will receive their prize directly from the artist.

The second donated item from each artist will be auctioned off on our Facebook page: to benefit the nonprofit of that artist’s choice!

We DO NOT offer refunds on our SCOOPED packages. Should there be something included that you or your pup cannot enjoy, please donate it to your favorite rescue/charity or give it as a gift.


When you order this item at any point, we will have that email on record from your purchase. You LOVE your box from us SO MUCH that you in turn, refer everyone you know to our site. When anyone you refer purchases this item for the first time, they must mention you BY NAME in their questionnaire. When your name is mentioned during a first time purchase, we will send you an extra goodie in your next box as a thank you gift. Check your inbox and junk mail box for this email from us.

You will only receive this gift if your name is mentioned!!!

Thank you for participating in the FUN known as The Scoop of the Month Club! If you were lucky enough to have SCOOPED, you are in for some serious fun. Thank you too, for supporting so many of our artist friends with your order. This box is a win-win for all!

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