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Angel Communication Session

Angel Communication Session

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THE FurMan CONNECTION...providing a connection between angels and their people!

There is a hurt in our heart that stays for some time and many times never quite goes away. Many believe this is because our beloved pets that journey to the Rainbow Bridge take that piece of our heart with them. We learn to move forward and live life without them by our side but it is never quite the same.

I too, feel the same feeling of my soul literally being crushed when I have had to help one of my beloved pets transition and go on ahead without me. I collapsed into Toby's bed and cried for days after she passed, I just wanted to smell her, stare into her soulful eyes and press her warm, soft head against mine. I feel much comfort in talking to my angels, many times it is in my dreams but I am able to do so in a deep state of meditation as well. I have also had the pleasure of them joining me on my dog walks from time to time, I just feel when they are there with me.

When a friend asked me to communicate with her angel in hopes of bringing her some closure and comfort, I was willing to give it a try. I was so surprised that the information that came through was just the same as it would be when I communicate with living animals. Really though it makes sense, the energy and soul of that animal has not died, it is very much alive just no longer residing in a body and existing on the earthly plane.

What I do is not magic, everyone on the planet has the ability to do this type of communication. The tricky part is quieting our minds enough to be able to receive the messages (energy) and in today's day and age...for many, that in itself would be considered magic.

I very much enjoy working with pets both here and in the heavenly realms and to help them share messages with their loved ones, truly it is an honor to do so.

Once you purchase your angel communication session here, I will ask you to follow up with an email to me at: that includes the following:


1. The most recent photo of your angel that you have available (the eyes must be looking at the camera and clear in the photo)

2. The name of your angel.

3. How long your angel lived with you as part of your family.

4. Who lived in the household during that time (humans and critters).

5. Lastly, list up to FIVE questions that you would like me to ask your angel.

Thank you,

Erin Furman

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