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Animal Communication Session

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THE FURMAN CONNECTION...connecting pets with their people!

With my whopping SIXTY-FIVE case studies behind me, I am now charging for my animal communication sessions. The fee for this service is $111.00 and includes a complimentary Scaler Wave session (a $65.00 value) until I get my 65 Scaler Wave case studies finished. Please see bottom of this page for more details.

Once you purchase your animal communication session here, I will ask you to follow up with an email to me at: that includes the following:


1. A recent photo of your pet (the eyes must be looking at the camera and clear in the photo)

2. The name of your pet

3. Your pet's age (approximate is fine as I talk with many rescued pets).

4. How long the pet has been with you.

5. Who lives in the household with your pet (include humans and other critters).

6. Lastly, list up to FIVE questions that you would like me to ask your pet.

Thank you,

Erin Furman

Should you opt for the free Scaler session on your pet (to be used as a case study) you will be required to provide me feedback on any results you did or did not see in your pet following the session. Please keep this in mind.

You will have to ADD the "30 Minute Scaler Session via Phone Call" to your cart and the discount will be automatically given at checkout!

See the example photo of how your cart should look at checkout if you are choosing this option!

What exactly is this Scaler Wave??? During Scalar Wave sessions, energy is run through Chakras and other points through a specific sequence. Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that can help to bring the body back into balance. Scalar wave sessions are scheduled only after an initial reading is done with your pet. Don't be surprised if you too feel amazing after the session.

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